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Passive Targets (PTs)

Florescent Orange Passive Targets (PTs) can be used with both versions of the iWitness photogrammetry software system. Florescent photogrammetric targeting is superior in performance to traditional style monochrome photogrammetric targets.

PTs are 1.4" (36mm) square. The adhesive back targets are inexpensive for using one time, or can optionally be recycled many times over with the supplied wax paper sheets. There are 4 edge "tick marks" so the target centerline can be indexed to an edge, for alignment purposes. The backer is easily removable, for fast application in the field.

Passive Targets for iWitness

How PTs work:
- in iWitnessPRO
Using in combination with the iWitnessPRO codes, PTs can be used as "standalone targets" or in combination with MFTs. If used with iWitnessPRO ,

Camera settings:
PTs are optimized when using the camera's flash. In combination to the flash, we recommend using a digital SLR camera, set to aperture priority (typical aperture ranging between F8 to F18.) The PTs are fully automatically measured in iWitnessPRO.

- in iWitness
While in Reference Mode (R+) depress the "X-Key" and the orange dot is measured to sub-pixel accuracy. Flash is optional.

Visit our order page for current pricng. PTs are sold in a quantity of 600 units, provided in a ziploc bag.

Shipments are typically made within 48 hours of receipt of the order.

To order, use the On line method

Delivery Time:
In the U.S. A., Passive Targets are shipped and arrive to their destination typically within 3 days.

For International orders of Passive Targets, contact us and we will provide you pricing and payment options. International orders typically arrive to their destination within 5 business days.

Magnetic Passive Targets are also avaialble: For more information on magnetic passive targets, click here.

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