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Photometrix and DCS Set New Standard in Photogrammetry with the Release of iWitnessPRO

MELBOURNE, Australia - May 30, 2008 – The Photometrix Division of Geodetic Systems Inc. and DeChant Consulting Services – DCS Inc of Bellevue, WA today announced the release of iWitnessPRO, which extends the capabilities of the easy-to-use and affordable iWitness software system to include automated image-based measurement. iWitnessPRO can measure fully automatically the 3D coordinates of targeted feature points from networks of color imagery recorded with off-the-shelf digital cameras. This advancement, which greatly reduces data processing times while enhancing measurement accuracy and reliability, will be of particular benefit in applications of accident reconstruction and forensic measurement. Automatic operation with iWitnessPRO will also enhance the utility of close-range photogrammetric measurement in engineering, architecture, heritage recording, archeology and 3D modeling for multimedia and animation applications.

Lee DeChant, President of DeChant Consulting Services explained, “the well-known ease of use of iWitness has been taken a step further with iWitnessPRO. Now measurements previously requiring an hour or more can be accomplished in a few minutes, automatically. The use of either amateur or professional cameras with color retroreflective targeting technology makes automated measurement with the push of a button a practical reality. The iWitness user community will jump at the chance to adopt iWitnessPRO in order to achieve greater accuracy and productivity in their measurement operations.”

As with the now widely used iWitness system, iWitnessPRO is designed to perform with off-the-shelf cameras, yet for optimal performance it is recommend that a digital SLR camera be used. Greater use of flash photography is also incorporated into iWitnessPRO to achieve optimal performance with the necessary retroreflective coded targets and retroreflective or passive style feature point targets. According to Dr Harry Hanley from Photometrix, "The advance of automated measurement of targeted feature points of interest has not come at the expense of the operator-assisted measurement capabilities in iWitness. Instead, iWitnessPRO retains all the familiar operational features, which can be called upon if required after the time-saving fully automatic network orientation phase. Thus iWitnessPRO supports a very practical combination of both automatic and manual operation, which accentuates its unparalleled ease of use for photogrammetric data processing".

iWitnessPRO sets a new benchmark for automated image-based measurement systems for accident reconstruction, forensic measurement and many other applications, while retaining all the attributes of the iWitness system. These center upon rigorous and robust photogrammetric processing, comprehensive quality assurance tools, affordability and simplicity of operation. Further details on iWitnessPRO can be obtained from DCS (

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